Get a helping hand with free state of the art merchandising system

The retail landscape today is probably the toughest it has ever been.

A perfect storm:

  • Deflationary prices

  • Increasing costs – mostly rent and power

  • Online onslaught

Footwear and Fashion is the industry sector hurting the most.

Zenucom understands your problems and has been analysing them and building a back office system for footwear and fashion retailers for 40 years. Our system is based on independent work studying retailer needs plus feedback from our best clients.

FORUM is our mass market product derived from REMAS, the best and most complete product for retailers in this most difficult sector.

The market isn’t growing very fast but you can get a bigger piece of the pie by using our software, tools, and consulting.

There is a way to get on top of all this.

  • Proper style, colour, size matrix

  • Product categories and classes

  • Brands and suppliers

  • Detailed sales analysis

  • Targets for shops and staff

  • POS with integrated EFTPOS

  • Deep integration between back office and POS

  • Live sales, stock, till rolls

  • Comprehensive purchasing, OTB, reports

  • Staff performance

  • eCommerce integration with company sites and market places

  • Click and collect

  • Distributed eCommerce fulfillment

  • stock capacity planning

  • restocking and office managed merchandise movements

  • Pricing – promotions and markdowns including store and time of day

For the user

  • Clean, efficient browser interface

  • It’s in the cloud – 24×7 access from anywhere

For the you, the customer

  • Only pay per user and per POS (another user really) per month for support

  • Training and customisation available

  • Migrate to the full REMAS system when you are ready